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Welcome to AUDE’S Touch, African Hair Braiding & Weaving’ s website. My name is Aude, and I have been a braider since I was 13 years old. Coming from the roots of Congo Bassin in Central Africa, I am one of the African daughter who early received this gift of Braiding from God. After braiding and weaving in my country,  I also practiced for 25 years in the best African Hair Braiding and Beauty Salons in Paris (France).

African Hair Braiding is an Art recognized by the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), this is main reason that I ethically and fairly take care of all my customers. My purpose is based on the satisfaction of my customers. I am satisfied if my customers look nice and beautiful after my work is done. Also, I advise all my customers how to take care of their braids on a daily basis.

We are a group of professionals and I am always present in my salon to make sure of the effectiveness and the efficiency of what we provide.
Therefore, you are welcomed in my salon and feel free to walk in or to set an appointment and do not forget to print a discount coupon available on my website following its requirements.

Thank You in Advance,

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